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WELCOME TO TRUSTFARM - Towards resilient and sustainable integrated agro-ecosystems through appropriate climate-smart farming practices

Climate variability has a strong global impact on the extent and productivity of both irrigated and rain-fed agriculture and is considered a major challenge for meeting food and nutrition security. The Mediterranean and the arid areas of Sub-Saharan Africa are significantly affected by climate change, leading to increased exposure to uncertainty and production risks. These regions are already particularly affected by water stress, erratic rainfall levels, salinity, and rising sea levels. The rising temperatures are translated into increased water demand from the agriculture sectors. This requires improving the productivity of the agricultural system via Climate-Smart Farm Practices (CSFPs) using the principle of soil and water conservation when introducing new crops that are tolerant to drought and salinity stress in these systems and managing and valorising the vegetative and animal residues, particularly the residues from large ruminates given that these animals are the primary sources of emissions. 

This project proposes high socio-economic and environmental benefits, including reduced GHGs, diversified incomes and generated additional job opportunities. Moreover, this projects’ partnerships aim to improve livelihoods beyond the benefits of reduced GHG emissions and groundwater contamination by increasing revenues for farmers from the sale of vermicompost and livestock production 

Follow the link for further infrormation: Towards resilient and sustainable integrated agro-ecosystems through appropriate climate-smart farming practices (Entstehung von widerstandsfähigen und nachhaltigen integrierten Agrarökosystemen durch geeignete klimaintelligente Anbaumethoden) | IAMO

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TRUSTFARM members in Cairo

23 January 2023

The third TRUSTFARM management meeting in Egypt

The third TRUSTFARM management meeting took place from January 23 to 25, 2023, at Cairo University's Faculty of Agriculture in Egypt. The three-day successful meeting featured a full agenda:

  • 1st day: Introductions to the team, project overview, seven presentations from partners, and an overview of the Moroccan, Senegalese, Italian, French, and Egyptian case studies.
  • 2nd day: Workshop on " Reshaping agriculture systems to mitigate...

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Sheep farming

02 December 2022

The participation of the SELMET team in the lambing season for the Lacaune ewes at La Fage experimental farm

The members of the SELMET team (Tropical and Mediterranean Animal Production Systems) held several meetings and brainstorming sessions from December 8th to 15th 2022.

The team worked on several topics of the TRUSTFARM activities in France such as:

  • the Work Package 4 activities (WP4: Design integrated agroecosystems for conservation with on-farm trials),
  • the multistakeholder innovation platform concept and...

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Project members

25 November 2022

Meeting of the TRUSTFARM project coordinator and the SELMET team

The TRUSTFARM project coordinator visited the SELMET team (Tropical and Mediterranean Animal Production Systems).

The team presented the current activities’ advancement as well as next actions’ planning. The meetings and discussions took place in premises of the Joint Research Unit SELMET at the INRAE center (French National Research Institute for Agriculture,...

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