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Dr. Osama Ahmed Naser El-Din

Project Coordinator

Dr. Osama Ahmed  is a Research Associate in Agricultural Markets at IAMO as well as an Associate Professor at the agricultural economics department in Cairo University. He is holding a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (DSPU) in Business Economics and Management from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece. Previously he gained a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Catalonia Polytechnic University in Spain. Dr. Ahmed has a good command of applied economics, agricultural economics, and food economics and with a broad geographical coverage in African and European countries. He manages to combine teaching as well as academic and professional experience. He was the coordinator of the project “Improving the Incomes and Climate Resiliency of Egyptian Smallholder Farmers”. His research areas are: price analysis, food policies, food supply chain analysis, crop insurance, risk management and life cycle analysis.


Mr. Borislav Rajkovic

PhD Student

Borislav Rajkovic joined IAMO in May 2017 as a PhD student in the department Agricultural Markets. Since 2018 he has been taking part in the DAAD fellowship program “Research Grants - Doctoral Programs in Germany”. He studied agricultural economics at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and obtained his MSc degree in 2016. In his master thesis he researched consumer preferences in the context of short food supply chains. His doctoral research deals with the effects of social media information exchange on consumer preferences in Serbia. The study acknowledges the role of consumer trust for the sake of diminishing the drawbacks of information asymmetry in the food market. The research uses structural equation modelling and discrete choice modelling in forms that allow for the inclusion of a complex factor of consumer trust.

PD Dr. habil. Linde Götz

PD Dr. Linde Götz is Deputy Head of the Department of Agricultural Markets at IAMO and lecturer at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. Her research interest lies in (spatial) price formation and competition on agricultural markets and in food supply chains, international trade and the effectiveness of agricultural policies. She is specialized in time-series econometric analyses, investigating price transmission and price volatility processes. A further emphasis lies on the development of the agricultural sector and the food industry of Russia and the countries in the Black Sea region and its implications for global food security. Linde Götz holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, and a MSc in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota, USA. She obtained her PhD from the University of Göttingen, Germany. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the “Agribusiness: An International Journal” and the Scientific Advisory Board of the “Russland-Analysen”.


Ms. Marianne Müller-Albinsky

Having completed her Master's studies in Eastern European Studies and Economics, Marianne Müller-Albinsky began her career as a consultant in international development cooperation in Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Iran (2001-2005) before she joined the Head Office of the AFC Consultants International GmbH in Bonn, Germany, as Project Speaker (2005-2008). From 2008 to 2010 she was employed as a Research Associate and Head of Department at the Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe (MOEZ) in Leipzig, Germany. Since June 2012, Marianne Müller-Albinsky has been working as a research administrator and coordinator of the acquisition of third-party funded projects at IAMO. In addition to her university graduation, she has additional qualifications as an EU fundraiser, as well as in the field of sustainable development cooperation.


Dr. Miranda Svanidze

Miranda Svanidze is a research associate at IAMO since November 2019. She holds a PhD degree from the Faculty of Agriculture of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Germany. For her doctoral thesis, she was honored with the highest grade “summa cum laude”. To conduct her PhD research at IAMO, Miranda Svanidze received a doctoral grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Prior to her PhD studies, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics (with Honors) from the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET), Georgia. In 2017, she was selected for participation as a young economist in the 6th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences. Her research interest at IAMO is focused on functioning of agricultural markets; in particular, price transmission analysis, market integration, regional trade, food security and inefficiencies in agricultural markets with an emphasis on the grain markets in Russia and the post-Soviet economies.


Mr. Stanislav Yugay

Stanislav Yugay joined IAMO in October 2017 as a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Agricultural Markets. In April 2019, he enrolled as a PhD student at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. His research interest lies in price formation on Russian grain markets with implications for global food supply and global food security. He graduated from the master's program in Finance at Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, Kazakhstan in 2009 and obtained a PhD degree in Management from Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science in 2015.





Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Thomas Glauben

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Thomas Glauben is a Director of IAMO and Head of the Department Agricultural Markets. He is also a full professor at the Faculty of Natural Science III and a co-opted professor at the Law and Economics Faculty of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. From 2013 to 2015 he has been a member of the Presidium of the Leibniz Association. Currently, he is a member of the boards of various journals and trade publishers. Since 2007 he has been an associate member of the REAP Center of Stanford University, USA. Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Thomas Glauben studied agricultural science at Kiel University, where he obtained his doctorate and habilitated.




Dr. Mourad Faiz 


Dr. Mourad Faiz is a teacher-researcher at Cadi Ayyad University in Economics and an active member of the Research Laboratory in Economics of Energy, Environment and Resources (GREER) _FSJES _Marrakech. He is a permanent teacher since 2018 at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Marrakech. Dr. Mourad Faiz worked as a teacher-trainer in economics at the Regional Center for Trades in Education and Training (CRMF) Settat between 2012 and 2018. He held the position of deputy director in charge of pedagogy and he assumed the responsibility of coordinator of the Department of Economics and Management within the Regional Center for Trades of Education and Training (CRMF) Settat. 



Dr. Brahim Bouayad

Dr. Brahim Bouayad completed his Ph. D. in Economics at Université Laval, Québec, Canada. His research areas are: energy, environmental and natural resource economics, public economy, finance , industrial economics, computable models of general balance, game theory, urban mobility. Dr. Brahim Bouayad is a Senior professor (PES) at Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech and its Vice-President for Academic Affairs from 2011 to 2014. Author of several publications (books and articles). Director of several theses. Director of Doctoral Studies Center "Law, Economics and Management" at Cadi Ayyad University from 2008 to 2014. Director of the Research Laboratory of Energy Economics, Environment and Resources (GREER), responsible for the master's degree in Energy Economics and Finance. External evaluator at the CNRST from 2015 to 2019. Coordinator of the Green Economy Option Project of IRES (Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques). Chairman of the Control Commission of Private Higher Education Institutions from 2000 to 2013. 


Dr. Lahcen EL Youssoufi

Lahcen EL Youssoufi is a research professor at Cadi Ayyad University in economics and management option, a permanent teacher at the University Center El Kalaa des Sraghna, Cadi Ayyad University and a permanent teacher at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences in Marrakech. He is also a speaker at the research master "energy and finance economics", Modules "geopolitics of energy", and "green economy", coordinator of the Economics and Management stream, El Kalaa des Sraghna University Center, Cadi Ayyad University. 




Ms. Leila Benslimane

Leila Benslimane is a young and ambitious graduate in economics of environment, and a PHD student in the field of economics. She followed her academic cursus in the Cadi Ayyad university where she got her bachelor’s degree in international management. Then she successfully obtained her master degree in economics in environment, in which she spent one study semester of ‘’renewable energy” in the Technical university of Bingen in Germany. After her graduation she decided to continue in the research field and is currently a PHD student working on the theme of private investment and education. Her academic cursus allowed her to gain solid competences in the field of project management, sustainable development, economics and environmental aspects. Her personal experience as an executive assistant and in the customer service fields helped to develop her communication aspects and gain various soft skills. 


Dr. Salah Eddine Kartobi

Professor authorized to direct research at the Department of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of Marrakesh. Cadi Ayyad University. Subjects taught: introduction to economics (S1 lecture), microeconomics II (S2 lecture), public finance (S4 lecture), financial theory and portfolio management (S3 EEF), stock market and portfolio management techniques (S3 MSO), international financial markets (S3 FB), portfolio management (S2 FB), financial markets and instruments (S1 FB).





Dr. Abdelali Laamari 

INRA team leader

Dr. Abdelali Laamari is an agricultural engineer. During last ten years, he has led CRP (Collaborative Research programs) of the CGIAR on energy, climate change, system vulnerability and barley. As a member of INGSA (International Network on Government Science Advices) and African Academy of Science, Laamari introduced new research topics on bridging research and policy and on creating the North African Research and Innovation Association. Laamari contributed to a book named “Natural Resources Management Technologies in Crop-Livestock Production Systems in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas”. He led many projects on climate change adaptation mechanisms and farmers’ resilience and vulnerability. He established a good research network within the country and around Europe and other continents. He is now involved in a Master training program on fertilizer bio-sciences at UM6P and a capacity building program of OCP human resources.



Dr. Ali Amanou

Dr. Ali Amamou, is PhD on Breeding. He is conducting research on wheat breeding program in collaboration with ICARDA and CIMMYT. He has developed many varieties of durum for arid and semi-arid regions in Morocco.







Dr. Mohamed Boughlala

Dr. Mohamed Boughlala is an engineer in Agronomy and PhD candidate in Economics. He is an expert in Natural Resource Economics and has leaded many projects on Environmental Economics. Now he is the regional director of the Regional Research Center of INRA Settat and is coordinating different projects on conservation agriculture, water management and food security in collaboration with ICARDA. He has initiated different studies on payment of ecosystems services targeting water and soil.





Dr. Mohamed Elkoudrim

Dr. Mohamed Elkoudrim is an engineer in Rangeland Management and Agro-forestry. His research focuses on rangeland rehabilitation, agro-forestry and animal production. He has a long experience in soil rehabilitation and the introduction of shrubs to reduce land degradation. He has an expertise on GIS (geographical information system) and map treatment. He is involved and coordinating many projects on agro-forestry and livestock.






Ms. Safwa Khoali

Safwa Khouali is a PhD candidate with a good background on econometrics and modeling. She is a full member of the project and she will work on impact assessment of transferred technologies and risk.  







Dr. Cataldo Pulvento

UNIBA team leader

Cataldo Pulvento has a professional qualification of associate professor in Agronomy. His main Research interests are: Soil water plant relations using direct and indirect morpho-metric, productive and physiological surveys under field conditions and application of crop models, Productive, eco-physiological and qualitative response of crops to abiotic stresses (drought and salinity), Protein crops and Andean crops (quinoa and amaranth), Irrigation management and study of best agronomic practices on herbaceous crops.





Prof. Dr. Sameh A. M. Abdel-Salam

CU team leader

Dr. Sameh Abdel-Salam is a professor of animal management at Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University. He holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in animal breeding from Cairo University.  He also holds a Diploma in Animal Production from IAMZ, Spain. His research interest are: animal management, animal production system, animal breeding. He participated in different national and international project in Egypt. He has experiences in the filled of dairy cattle management, animal recording system, animal breeding plan, statistical analysis and higher education quality assurance.



Dr. Ahmed Ali Abdelmaksoud

Dr. Ahmed Ali Abdelmaksoud is a professor of dairy science, faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza – Egypt. He opptained his Ph.D. in 2018 in Agriculture in Cairo University with excellence. In 2019 he was a member at CDCMCT- Characterization of dairy chain in Mediterranean countries and adoption of optimum technologies to improve dairy value chain, Funded by ASRT through arimnet program.  He participated in competition in Faculty of Agriculture Alexandria University 2014, Unilever company where he got the first place in the best master thesis. 




Mr. Samir Fathy Abdel-Mageed

Fathy Samir is an Assistant Lecturer and a postgraduate student majoring in Animal Production Science.  He obtained his Master's degree in Agriculture from Cairo University with excellence. Department: Animal Production (Animal Husbandry). He holds a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences in the field of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University. With a GPA of (3.54/4) and an "Excellent" Grade with the honor. He has experience in the field of dairy cattle management.





Prof. Dr. Sayed Ahmed Safina

Sayed Ahmed Safina is a professor at Cairo University. He has experience in Agronomy Sciences in fields such as: principles of field crop production, weed control, cropping systems, field crop production, organic production of field crops in tropical and subtropical, international agriculture program, weed management in organic farming, international agriculture program, crop intensification and sustainable agriculture and weed biology and control.






Prof. Dr. Mame Samba Mbaye

UCAD team leader

Dr. Mame Samba Mbaye is a professor at Cheikh Anta Diop University and the head of Plant Biology Department. His main research areas are: biodiversity, systematics, intercropping, and weed science. He is also the coordinator of the program « UCAD RURALE » which focuses on mobilization of the resources to meet major societal challenges with external stakeholders





Prof. Dr. Moez Amri

UM6P team leader

Moez Amri holds a PhD in biological sciences and Plant breeding and an HDR in Agricultural Science crop production. He is a professor of genetics and plant breeding at the University of Mohamed VI polytechnics (UM6P). He is an international scientist skilled in genetics and plant breeding with proven record in genetic enhancement of cereal and food legume crops and development of innovative climate change resilient varieties for the most climate change vulnerable regions in the world; CWANA, Middle East (ME), Nile Valley (NV) and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Before joining Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) as a professor of genetics and plant breeding, he was leading legume research programs at the National Institute of Agricultural Research of Tunisia (INRAT) and the Regional Field Crop Research Center of Beja – Tunisia (CRRGC). He also served at the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) – Morocco as legume/chickpea breeder where he coordinated the research activities targeting the North African countries. He has a good awareness of the importance of R4D and agricultural science and innovation to improve smallholder’s productivity and production and enhance mitigate and prevent food and nutritional insecurity under climate change. He is very well exposed to regular collaborations with international research entities and groups and has good experience in coordinating research and R4D activities and projects involving many well-established researchers from different national and international institutions.



Dr. Manal Mhada

Manal Mhada holds a PhD in Agrobiodiversity from Cadi Ayad University is currently a Research Fellow at AgroBiosciences department at the UM6P. Her scientific curriculum is completed with entrepreneurial experience. In 2015, she co-founded a small company, called “Amendy Foods”, that assists farmers in quinoa production, design quinoa-based recipes and deliver to Moroccans products adapted to their cookery habits. This extra curriculum activity allowed her to get in touch with farmers from different categories and helped her understand the drivers for adopting a newly introduced crop. Science and Entrepreneurship both shaped her personality, joining the passionate scientist to the determinant entrepreneur. In 2017 she joined the UM6P as a post-doc researcher, part of the Agrobioscience. She contributed to establishing the quinoa program in different aspects going from Research to Development. She had the opportunity to work in collaboration with MIT on improving the seed microenvironment. Because she believes in the impact of learning by doing, she worked at ESAFE School to establish an initiative called “Learning by farming”, a teaching method that supports students in their learning process using a participative approach based on field experimentation and analysis. Through all her background, she believes that she can contribute to shaping local agriculture in Africa for the next decade and creating a development model scalable to other countries according to their socio-economic contexts and their genetic resources.



Prof. Dr. Michel Edmond Ghanem

Prof. Dr. Michel Edmond Ghanem is an Agronomist and Plant Eco-Physiologist that holds an Agronomy Engineering degree and a Ph.D. in Plant Biology from the University of Louvain (Université catholique de Louvain, UCLouvain), Belgium, and an accreditation to supervise research (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches- HDR) from the University of Montpellier, France. Before joining the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) as Associate Professor for Plant Physiology, he was the Programme Leader for Genetic Resources at the Land Resources Division of the Pacific Community (SPC, Suva, Fiji) where he lead the Pacific only international genebank (Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees- CePaCT). He also served at the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), Rabat, Morocco as Crop Physiologist where he established and led the Crop Physiology laboratory. Prior to joining ICARDA, he was a Lecturer of Plant Physiology at the University of Namur (Belgium).  He also worked as a Research Fellow at the CEBAS-CSIC (Murcia, Spain) where he was actively involved in the conception and the coordination of an EU-funded FP7 project in the field of root-science research (Rootopower). Michel Edmond Ghanem is also expert at the Biosafety Advisory Council (BAC) of Belgium on transgenic plants and have served on the Executive Board of the Experts Working Group on Wheat phenotyping within the Wheat Initiative. Within the CGIAR Research Programs (CRP) on Grain Legumes and wheat, he was on the board of the Research Management Committees as coordinator of the work on Product Line Coordinator and Flagship Leader on trait identification abiotic stresses. His research expertise covers plant abiotic stress physiology, forgotten crops, genetic resources, crop modeling, root biotechnology, and plant phenotyping.



Dr. Paulo Salgado

Selmet team leader

Paulo Salgado is a research scientist in animal nutrition and forage production. Nowadays, based in Senegal but with professional experience in Europe, South-Est Asian countries and Indian Ocean region. Achievements include research about animal nutrition, forage management and crop-livestock integration for sustainable production intensification.




Dr. Eliel Gonzalez-Garcia

PhD. Eliel Gonzalez-Garcia is a  research officer (CR1) in the Department of Animal Physiology and Livestock Systems (PHASE, INRA). He is a zootechnician by training, with skills in the fields of nutrition, physiology, metabolism, genetics, and livestock management. Until today, he has conducted his research alternately or sequentially in different environments, both by their geographical locations.(Caribbean, Europe, Africa) and by their climates (temperate, Mediterranean or tropical). To contribute to the development of locally autonomous livestock systems, his research activities throughout these years specialized in the design, development and evaluation of alternative technical routes to conventional systems. He worked in the promotion of livestock systems based on agro-ecological principles (agroforestry, agro-silvopastoral, integration agriculture-livestock) with the valorization of local biodiversity (plants, animals), from the understanding and optimization of life cycles. He specializes in ruminant nutrition and mainly in rational valorization of natural and local resources in systems with low input levels, with an agroecological approach. Since his arrival at INRA (2008), he has been particularly interested in the adaptive capacities of ruminants raised in so-called "difficult" conditions (Mediterranean and tropical areas).