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Notable results of the first part of the project TRUSTFARM in Oued Zem Morocco.

27 May 2022

As part of the TRUSTFARM project (IMPROVING CLIMATE RESILIENCE BY DESINING SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM), coordinated in Morocco by Dr. Laamari Abdelali (INRA CRRA Settat), we installed a variety trial of hard wheat and oat under Direct Seeding system at a farmer's place in Oued Zem.

The trial was sown on 17/12/2021 with a cumulative rainfall of 220 mm over the whole campaign and less than 180 mm after sowing the varieties.

A great variability is observed among the varieties, with differences in tolerance to the drought that prevailed throughout Morocco in general.

A participatory screening of 10 farmers (agronomic selection and grain appearance, as well as another selection on the baking and semolina quality will be done by women). This quality will be compared with the quality data from the laboratory.